Who we are

As a long-standing OpenText and Microsoft partner, aenia offers the only comprehensive data migration and archiving solution for OpenText eRoom. Customers worldwide rely on our services to migrate/archive eRoom data to third party systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, box, Google Drive, etc. as well as to file servers, as offline websites or to our eRoom Library.

The latest generation of our migration and archiving suite is a universal and unique solution for migration, archiving and data management of enterprise content management systems.

Where we are going

From our eRoom-specific developments and our migration know-how, we have created a completely new migration solution that enables customers not only to migrate data between different systems, but also to manage it within one system.

Our evolution from IT service provider to software manufacturer is also reflected in the company’s new name and corporate identity.

What makes us different

Not only can we technically migrate data from A to B, we have successfully guided hundreds of customers through the migration process of enterprise content management systems. This experience, combined with our professional migration and archiving tools, makes us a trustworthy partner who can get you safely to your goal, even in complex and difficult environments.

We love what we do. You can feel this in the enthusiasm we have for the development of our products and with which we carry out the projects with you.

We are convinced that we as a company, our employees, partners and customers can only be successful if all project participants work together, support each other, exchange information and treat each other with respect.


Pforzheim / Germany