Professional Services


For sure a good strategy.

To develop a suitable strategy for your company, you need information about the actual usage and content in your eRoom system and possibly also about the limitations of a possible target system.

We can provide you with this information through a full scanning and assessment of your eRoom system.

We offer all eRoom customers 15% discount on every CONTENT-CHECK.

Free infrastructure check

Ready for the new Features in eRoom 16.4.1?

with the new eRoom version your users get new possibilities:

  • Text in input fields can be formatted without a plug-in.
  • The eRoom plug-in is now supported by modern browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, bringing back the drag and drop feature.

Both features make users’ daily work much easier and are standard in modern applications. By updating your eRoom Server to the new version, you can make these features available to your users again.

We are offering all eRoom customers a free infrastructure check.
The ideal preparation for an eRoom update.

Professional services


We advise you in the selection of technologies and in the planning and integration into your company organization. Our focus is on IT strategy, concept and design, processes, organization, training, and project management.

Installation and configuration

We advise you on the optimal architecture and carry out the necessary installation and configuration work for you. In doing so, we take into account the optimal integration into the existing IT infrastructure and the necessary security requirements.


We define the ideal path for the system upgrade, plan the necessary work and carry it out together with you.

Migration und Archivierung

We support you in migrating and archiving data from eRoom to other target systems. This starts with the installation and configuration of the migration solution. We then perform a scan of all content, evaluate and resolve issues arising from system differences, and then perform the migrations.

Application consulting

We advise you and your users on the efficient and effective use of collaboration solutions such as eRoom and SharePoint. This is done, for example, through webinars, workshops, training sessions and one-on-one meetings.


We offer individual training measures for your users ranging from 1-hour webinars to customized intensive training/workshops.

Application Management

We are happy to take over the operation and maintenance of your eRoom application. Depending on your requirements, this can include the operation of the infrastructure.